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    Start treating your GitHub Sponsors account like a business.
    (Because it is one!)
    • 📈 Analytics

      Your sponsor revenue is your business. Why not treat it's data as such. I find it really helpful to see data visualizations about my sponsor activity. It helps me ask questions like: Why did so many new people sign up last week? How will this new blog post perform? Why did a few people drop off last month?

    • ✅ Perk Tracking

      Did you promise your sponsors a sticker in the mail? How about a monthly call with you? It can get crazy keeping track of all the "perks" you promise your sponsors. Especially if they change over time.

    • ⚡ Simple APIs

      You're a developer. You can use that to your advantage. Combined with simple APIs to easily check weather a person is a sponsor or not, you can create your own GitHub Sponsor powered services or restrict specific content on your platforms to your sponsors only.

    Hi! I'm Caleb. I quit my day job to pursue open source work full-time. GitHub Sponsors made this possible. I now fully rely on sponsorships from the community to support my work. It's a dream come true, I get to do the work I love every single day AND get paid for it.

    The official GitHub Sponsors dashboard provides plenty out-of-the-box, but I've found the need for more, "deeper" tools to build and maintain my sponsor base. Sponsor Syrup is my attempt at making these tools available for everyone to use!

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    Before I invest heavily in building Sponsor Syrup, I want to make sure there is a demand for it! If you are interested in the project, give me your email so I can validate the idea and send out early invites when the project is underway.

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